The extent to which mindfulness is used knowingly or unknowingly by therapists

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Hawe, Merdeth
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BA Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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There has been increasing amount of scientific research conducted over the past decade in relation to mindfulness in the caring professions. This research aimed to examine the extent to which mindfulness is practiced by therapists in Ireland (regardless of their awareness) and to examine how beneficial, if at all, it has been in their clinical practice. The study consisted of two groups, Group 1 (mindfulness group) and Group 2 (un-mindfulness Group) and the study was carried out to ascertain the extent of which mindfulness is practiced in each group. The 6 participants were chosen for convenient and purposive reasons. Group 1 consisted of 2 males and 1 female which was similar to Group 2. This study used a qualitative approach using unstructured interviews to enable participants to discuss mindfulness from their own frame of reference. The findings provided a greater insight into the extent of which mindfulness is used and showed that mindfulness is being used by therapist today in Ireland in both groups, with the extent varying in each group.