Consumers' perception of international quick service restaurants in Nigeria : a case study of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

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Shoyemi, Adewale Oludare
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MBA in Business Management
Dublin Business School
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This research presents vigorous and unique insight into an international fast food restaurant brand operating in Nigeria as perceived by Nigerian consumers. Has the fast food culture in Nigeria is fast expanding due to continuous urbanization growth, increasing affluence, coupled with the fact that more women were joining the work force. These changes in lifestyles and demographics throughout the country have resulted in ever increasing demand for fast food restaurants over the last 25 years. Although many more local fast food restaurants have sprung up as a result of continuous demand, however, while new local entrants finds it difficult to survive and growth in some of the existing local fast food brands remain stagnant or struggling, international brands were thriving. This research study therefore, sought to assess the perceptions of customers of these international brands using KFC has a case study with factors that could influence their buying decisions. The data collected through the questionnaire showed that the majority of the consumers have positive perception towards international brands more likely as quality is believed to be a prerequisite to brands that are globally available. Both secondary and primary research methods were employed. A total of 120 customers were randomly selected from 12 KFC outlets in 3 cities out of 5 KFC is present and administered a 27 –item structured questionnaire in which all were found useable. The results of this study provide KFC, and in fact all other fast food restaurants in Nigeria; particularly local brands and future potential international brands that might want to enter the market with an understanding of consumers‟ perception and expectation of any fast food restaurant. Author keywords: Consumer perception