Critical analysis of the key challenges associated with information security and GDPR and its impact on the cloud computing analysts

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Jolly Puthiyedam, Ajith
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MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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The main purpose of this research study is to analyse a critical analysis of the key challenges associated with information security and GDPR and its impact on cloud-computing analysts. In the global business environment, the issue with information security is continuously increasing such as data theft, leaking of confidential data of individuals, and using personal information of individuals of illegal purpose. The utilisation of cloud computing is increased by the different individual for the purpose of saving personal data, which also increase the illegal activities by hackers. The hackers are using advanced technologies as compared to the organisational security systems that negatively affect the confidential data of the individuals. In this context, the European Union has announced the implementation of GDPR in the year 2016 for the purpose of securing the confidential data of the users. Under the GDPR, the organisations are required to give full control to the users over their data so that they can manage their personal data. This can help the service providers to enhance the security level for cloud computing platforms. In addition, for addressing the aim of the present research study, the qualitative method is adopted because this research requires more in-depth and original information of this research. In this relation, the data is acquired by conducting an interview with 6 cloud computing analysts who are working in multinational companies in the UK. Moreover, through the thematic method, the interview data is interpreted appropriate and helped in presenting credible results. The results of the research are that the cloud computing analysts are confronting varied challenges associated with the information security and implication of GDPR such as increasing hacking activities, data theft issues, and compliance with the policies of GDPR. In this relation, varied strategic measures are presented in this research study for addressing the issue with information security and 5 implementing the GDPR in an organisation.