The use of mindfulness in child psychotherapy

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Skorowska, Magdalena
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Arts in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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Mindfulness is, according to Semple and Lee (2007, p.17), an individual’s practice of living in the present moment. For many years, mindfulness, has been used by adults as a way of mental health self-care. Mindfulness is now used within psychotherapeutic relationships between the therapist and the client. Yet, mindfulness’ use with children and within child psychotherapy has been limited. This library-based research aims to explore what mindfulness is for adults as well as children through its definitions, elements and how mindfulness can be used within therapy. The research conducted examines benefits and challenges to the use of mindfulness with children to prove whether it should or not be used with children and within child psychotherapy. This paper will also look at when it is best to start practicing mindfulness with children and the reasons behind it in order to encourage the use of mindfulness with children in child psychotherapy.