Bad Each Way Finder

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Traynor, Susan
Issue Date
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (Software Development)
Dublin Business School
The aim of this project is to build an application that displaysthe positive expected value each way propositions in UK & Ireland Horse Racing. The expected value is calculated using betting exchange odds in lieu of the probability of winning/losing and comparing these to a sportsbook odds. To complete this an ASP .NET Core back-end API was integrated with the two relevant (Betfair Exchange™ & Sportsbook™) APIs. This data was merged, expected value was calculated and this was displayed on a user interface via a separate ASP .NET Core application. The application was tested to ensure objectives, requirements were met, and exceptions were handled appropriately. The resulting application can display live data of positive expected value propositions. Users can track certain propositions of interest. They are also then able to view the history of their tracked propositions to identify trends which may inform their betting