Challenges faced by managers while migrating from waterfall to agile methodology in service-based it companies in India

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Adiga, Subramanya Kollur
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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Over the last few years, software development and management methodologies have witnessed phenomenal evolution. Introduction of new technologies and an increase in the demand of the customers have been considered as the main reasons behind this evolution. With the changing technologies and requirements, organizations strive to tackle these challenges by changing their work practices across their project and organizational levels; thus, Agile framework come out as a new software development methodology that is mainly characterized by great flexibility and sensitivity towards the new requirements. Along with the benefits, agile also introduces a few challenges. This study adopts a systematic research methodology to identify the key challenges project managers face while transitioning their project management methodology from Waterfall to Agile. In this report, known challenges have been researched using existing literatures and a qualitative research has been conducted to identify the unknown challenges. Project Managers with knowledge on the subject have been interviewed to get a better understanding on the research topic. Results have been published based on the detailed analysis performed on the data captured during the course of the research.