Justifying the lesser evil – experience of self-sufficient living in consumerist society

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Tuca, Ieva
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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Humans are causing unprecedented change to global environment contributing to the ongoing mass extinction, climate change and worldwide destruction of natural habitats. Implications of these changes for the future of humankind are increasingly coming into public discourse as new social movements such as Extinction Rebellion are being established. This qualitative study was conducted to investigate experiences of people who choose to include elements of self-sufficiency and environmentally friendly approach in their lives and to find out their approach to sustainable living practices in modern Ireland. By conduction and analysing four semi-structured in-depth interviews it was found that even though each individual journey into sustainability is separate, they all form coherent patter of a social movement underpinned by real and virtual connections in the community and on social media. For people to succeed in their changing lifestyle they have to compromise between their ideals and being part of the community. By taking change one step at a time in slow continued move towards they are able to justify non-sustainable choices as part of their progression to being responsible guardians of their land and examples for others who may follow the same route.