A critical analysis of cloud computing on the business of gaming industry: a case study of rockstar (Take2 interactive) games

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Jutla, Jaskaran Singh
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MBA in Cloud Computing
Dublin Business School
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This research work will give an idea to the readers about the potential of small-cap and mid-cap companies in terms of returns generated in long term based on past 10 years performance of its respective indices. The main purpose of the research was to understand and study the strategies used by Indian retail individual investor while making investment decisions and selecting undervalued stocks. Primary data was collected through questionnaire and interview. Surprisingly, it was found that mid-cap companies have given higher returns as compared to both small-cap and large-cap companies, in the past 10 years. This research will also give audience an overview about the investment strategies used by the investors for making investment decisions and identifying undervalued stocks. Findings of the research suggest that majority of investors prefer fundamental analysis for making their investment decisions, they try to understand the business of the company and going through financials.