Adolescents, stress and the peer group: a study of relationships between peer group size, stress and extraversion scores in adolescents

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Dunne, Nicola
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The present study aimed to address the effect of the peer group on stress levels in adolescents. Previous literature has shown that the peer group is very important as a socialization context, a learning context and as a stress buffer. This is especially salient during adolescence. The present study wished to investigate the relationships between a) stress and peer group size, b) extraversion and stress, and c) extraversion and peer group size. The study also examined relationships between depression and stress and peer group size. The study comprised of a sample efN = 96, 11 males and 85 females. The study used a between subjects design. The data was gathered using standardised questionnaires. Pearson's Correlations showed significant correlations between extraversion and peer group size and stress and depression, a weak correlation between extraversion and stress and no relationship between peer group size and stress or depression and peer group size. Mean differences were also examined between males and females. The study shows a relationship between extraversion and the peer group. The study also highlights the need for a standardised measure of the peer group and the individual relation ships with in the peer group.