Human trafficking and new media: Is new media helping or hindering the fight against human trafficking?

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Daly, Ciara
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BA (Hons) Arts
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation investigates the question – ‘Is new media helping or hindering the fight against human trafficking’? It explores the influences that have contributed to an anti-trafficking movement whilst looking at how the proposed democratic function of new media such as the internet is providing a platform upon which organised crime can be facilitated. Trafficking in the human context, whether for sexual exploitation or forced labour affects the whole world. This paper exposes the realities of human trafficking and how new media has both positive and negative features. As new media provides a worldwide platform that exists without restriction, it is currently being used by both the perpetrators of this crime and anti-trafficking activists. The victims of human-trafficking currently have no voice, and the fight against human-trafficking is pushing for them to be heard.