How leadership manages dynamic organisations: A case study of the Irish banking sector

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Habulembe, Perry
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MA of Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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The aim of the study is to determine what is the relationship between leadership styles, leadership skills and the performance of an employee in the Irish banking sector. This research study to explore the positive relationships of leader-follower value congruence and leadership influence. There are two types of leadership style this research project has identified, mainly transactional leadership and transformational leadership which are followed in the Irish banking sector. This research project presented the major characteristics between transactional leadership style and transformation leadership style whilst aligning the leadership style to organisational culture and performance. To achieve the objectives of this study and present the research question the study sample comprised of 107 resources from various banks who leaders and followers as the case study was limited to the Irish banking sector . An online questionnaire using Monkey Survey was distributed to the selected population. Out of 72, 35 were leaders and 37 followers. The respondents completed the questionnaire which consisted of Likert scale questions. Based on the results of the survey that were provided, the outcome was to be reliable for the research. The SPSS tool was used for conducting the quantitative analysis. The study showed the majority of leadership employee value congruence and leadership influence employee performance. Since the research project also conducted interviews with a minimum sample of 2 senior managers using a structured inter. The results of the interview were presented in thematic analysis method of qualitative data analysis approach. The findings indicated that the two leadership styles – transactional and transformational existed in the Irish banks.