How can you lead Generation X and Generation Y - what leadership styles, theories and approaches are there available to help leaders ?

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Gray, Siobhan
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MA in Business Studies
Dublin Business School
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Leadership is a much studied topic with this in mind in the following chapters you will read all about leadership. I have in my thesis gone through Generational Leadership, what it is and what are the differences of Generation X and Generation Y. I have also gone through the leadership Theories, Approaches and Styles that are out there to help leaders lead both different types of Generations. One of my main objectives is to link the approaches, theories and styles into Generational Leadership. I have investigated the theories, approaches and styles and along with that I have done my own research and conducted this by means of an observation of a manger and a Generation X person and a Generation Y person. I have sent out surveys to my population and I have also conducted a focus group of senior managers.