The Role of Standardization in Cost Control for the Overall Performance of Construction Projects in the UK and Ireland

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Thomas, Arun Shaji
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MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
This research explores the critical role of standardization in cost control for construction projects in the UK and Ireland. Utilizing a qualitative approach, five interviews with industry professionals aged 25 to 60 were conducted, employing NVivo software for thematic analysis. The study systematically addresses three objectives: assessing current standardization practices, exploring the relationship between standardization and cost control, and identifying challenges and opportunities in implementation. The thematic analysis revealed eight key interconnected themes, including Safety Standards, Standardized Cost Control Methods, and Standardization Awareness. Participants, such as civil engineers and construction safety managers, shared insights on the positive impact of standardization on budget accuracy and financial outcomes. Despite regional differences, common challenges and opportunities emerged, emphasizing the need for transparent communication and improved collaboration. This research provides valuable insights for stakeholders and policymakers, offering a nuanced understanding of the interconnected elements influencing construction projects and laying the foundation for enhanced cost control strategies.