How the political instability has affected the Brazilian banking system in terms of student loans?

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Dultra, Rodrigo
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Brazil is currently passing through a unique moment in its history. A mass corruption scheme has been under investigation over the last three years and it has made many politicians be convicted and go to jail. Accordingly, the former president Dilma Roussef suffered an impeachment and, differently from the one that Fernando Collor suffered in 1994, this time there is a political instability affecting not just the current economic conditions with entire industries suffering many jobs loss but also the next political elections with the favourite candidate and former president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, arrested. Accordingly, the economic situation is much worse and some industries have been strongly affected. However, what has not been addressed yet is to what extent this political instability has affected the student loans, an important aspect for to continuous development of the country. As a result, this research aims to assess how the student loans have been affected by the political instability in the country. Accordingly, primary data and second data were collected in order to run the analysis on the theme. The first one was collected from interviews and questionnaires while the second one from articles, books and academic articles to constitute the literature review. Moreover, gaps were identified in the existing knowledge about the theme and were discussed and analysed. In addition, it has been taken an interpretivism + positivism, inductive, survey, mixed-methods, cross-sectional, qualitative + quantitative research design, which is explained in the research methodology chapter. Furthermore, this research contributes in the relation between political instability and student loans by assessing the Brazilian situation at the moment.