An eSupply chain for Intel Corporation

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Nugent, Audrey
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BA (Hons) in Business Information Management
Dublin Business School
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This research project investigates the literature that exists on eBusiness and the process undertaken by enterprises to organise themselves for eBusiness. It also looks at the transformation from business to eBusiness. It is suggested that despite the current economic downturn businesses should forge ahead with their current eBusiness initiatives in order to emerge victorious from the "eBusiness Hype Cycle" Rozwell (2000) The key area of business, which has been identified by Poirler and Bauer (2000) as the central objective for such eBusiness initiatives is Supply Chain Optimisation (SCO) where the ultimate goal is to create a network of suppliers, customers and affiliates to create an eSupply chain. The particular industry under investigation is the Electronics Management Supply (EMS) Industry, which has been identified as one of the main players in the eBusiness and eSupply Chain areas. This project presents a case study on Intel Corporation, one of the major organisations in the EMS industry and one who is actively working a number of eBusiness initiatives in the supply chain area. These initiatives include the Intel® Web Suite which enables purchase orders, shipping notices, invoices and payment details to be transmitted between Intel and its suppliers via a web portal. Intel is also working on implementing a full B2B solution for suppliers utilising Rosetta Net standards. The main aim of this research project is to compare the existing literature on eBusiness and the creation of an eSupply Chain to a real life case study and determine if the transformation to eBusiness in a global corporation is tackled as the literature suggests. Specific aims and research methodologies are presented in Chapter 1. This research project has concluded that Intel is on the right track to achieving an eSupply chain, although a little behind the curve in terms of full B2B with suppliers. It is predicted that Intel will achieve this within the next two to three years. This achievement fOlIDS part ofIntel Corporations eBusiness strategy to become a 100% eCorporation.