Legacy of Conflict Trauma Among Israel and Northern Ireland Adults, Coping Mechanisms and Self Endurance

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Melzer, Aharon
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Dublin Business School
The aim of this qualitative research was to investigate post conflict trauma experienced by adult participants from Israel and Northern Ireland, exploration such as environmental comprehension, living through adulthood with post traumatic memories, self coping methods and assessing potential cultural differences emerging from the inductive approach. Methodology consisted of purposive sampling of 2 participants from Israel and 2 from N.Ireland. Design including post conflict mental trauma as the main criterion, semi-structured questions were used for these interviews. Materials and apparatus consisted of information sheets, consent forms, debrief sheets, interview schedule and recording equipment. The procedure looked over the interviews, meeting arrangements and Skype. High consideration was placed on ethics as vulnerable population was involved. Using thematic analysis final mapping consisted of 3 main themes with conclusions such as the urgency of additional mental health support in N.Ireland, adequate workplace support, holocaust offspring’s endurance and family/community functions.