Magazines’ advertising of French cosmetics brands in China: strategies influenced by a culture

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Taton, Cecile
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Purpose of this paper: The aim of this research was answering the research question: what are the influences of Chinese culture on advertising strategies of French cosmetic brands in Chinese magazines? The researcher had set 5 research objectives. Methodology: The methodology was “Research Onion” (Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill, 2012). The research philosophy was interpretivism. The research approach was inductive. The research design was explanatory and mono-method quantitative. The research strategy was a questionnaire with an electronic mail survey. The time horizon was cross-sectional. The sampling technique was without replacement, non-probability, judgmental and snowballing. The sample size was 100 French respondents. The data collection was self-completed questionnaires and Internet mediated with Google Docs. The data analysis used Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Research Limitations: The researcher had financial limitations: travelling in China and employed a team of researchers. The researcher had time limitation: 3 months allowed by Dublin Business School. The researcher had access limitations: difficulties with Chinese respondents. Practical Implications: Theoretical recommendations for researchers: survey method isn’t the best approach whereas content analysis of cosmetics advertisements in Chinese magazines may be a better one (Cui, Yang, Wang, and Liu, 2012). Practical recommendations for professionals (French companies): start by launching the campaign in one of the main Chinese’s city, employed combination strategy, be aware of Chinese legislation, and be careful with advertising message and sex-appeal. Value of this paper: The research is new because of its geographic area (France VS China), advertising channel (Magazine), and type of industry (Cosmetic) combined together. This research clears up the gap in the literature concerning advertising strategies of French cosmetic brands in Chinese magazines.