Estimating the demand for a direct flight between Brazil and Ireland : a preliminary evaluation

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Dantas, Silvia Montagna Bertinetti
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The topic of this dissertation is an estimation of the demand for the creation of a direct air service between Brazil and Ireland. Currently, no direct service exists, despite the growing community of Brazilians in Ireland and the increasing trade links between the two countries. The development of relations between Brazil and Ireland over the last fifteen years is described in the literature review, which covers four topics: the increase in number of Brazilian students in Ireland, the growing trade links between both countries, the efforts to develop tourism links between the two countries and the economic effects of the creation of a direct air service between countries based on a number of relevant case studies from the literature. The primary research carried out in this thesis consists of two questionnaires administered online, the first directed at Brazilians living in Ireland and the second directed at potential Irish visitors to Brazil. These surveys investigate the demand, interest, price range and possible destination airports for a direct air service between Brazil and Ireland. Based on the first survey of three hundred Brazilians who are resident in Ireland and the second survey of fifty-two Irish potential visitors to Brazil, price ranges for the flight service from both categories are obtained. A set of preferred destination airports are ranked based on respondents’ answers and interest for a direct flight service is confirmed by both categories of survey respondents. Quantitative results for each of the survey questions are presented in full. A number of additional hypotheses related to the demographics of each set of respondents are tested and limitations of the questionnaire and research methodology are discussed. Finally, a number of recommendations are made for any airlines interested in offering a direct flight service between Brazil and Ireland and future research on the topic. Author Keywords: Direct flights, flight, Brazil, Ireland, demand.