A discussion of the relevance and value of the addition of lessons learned to the Agile Practice Guide

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Ribeiro Braha, Natasha
Issue Date
MBA in Project Management
Dublin Business School
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As the business world, and companies move towards a more project-focused business (Rowe, 2008, p.1), it becomes more and more important to not only understand project management theories, but as the profession progresses and evolves, to improve the quality and rate of success of projects. The lessons learned have been pointed to be a possible solution to avoid problems and failures in new projects by the PMBOK (PMI, 2017, p.92). But even after many researches supporting this statement, this tool is considered one of the most ignored parts of a project (Heagner, 2016, p.14), and in the new Agile Practice Guide, published by the PMI in 2017, the lessons learned tool has not been mentioned, which is intrigued this author to research this tool, its benefits, challenges and use, and also survey Project Managers in Ireland, to then conclude that the lessons learned is a valuable and relevant addition to a new edition of the Agile Practice Guide.