Homelessness : a study of the perceptions of people working with the homeless, on the mental illness depression and schizophrenia

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Doyle, Corrine
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BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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It is the aim of this research project to explore homelessness depression and schizophrenia measures by the perceptions of people working with the homeless. The issue of homelessness in our society is one of huge concern, the number of people who have fallen into the trap of homelessness over the years is hugely increasing. Homeless people lack social, cultural and health needs, and homelessness with mental illness is on the increase. A quantitative survey design was used, self administered questionnaires were given to 93 employees of homeless agencies around Dublin, they measured the participant‟s perceptions on homelessness, depression and schizophrenia. Results indicated that all three variables had a positive significant correlation with each other, showing that there was a link between homelessness, depression and schizophrenia. In conclusion homelessness and mental illness is seen as a significant and real problem among those who work with the homeless, that indeed they have links to each other and therefore make it harder for the homeless person to cope with their illness as they lack adequate support