What is the impact on seasonality roles in America, for companies employing Irish students, on a Summer J-1 visa in today’s world?

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Burke, Kyle
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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This paper reviews recent reports of the removal of the Summer work and Travel (SWAT) programme, known as a J-1 visa. The importance of this, is be based on the impact this programme has on the Irish students partaking in the programme, as well as the companies in American that recruit and rely on seasonal workers each year. The literature presented will provide the reader an understanding of the history of the J-1 SWAT, as well as a deeper insight to the reason Irish students leave home, and work in America. There has been much research done on the topic of seasonal workers, or temporary workers in various countries, and many forms of literature regarding Irish immigrating and the Celtic tiger. However, there is limited research regarding how important the programme is overall to the seasonal companies now at risk, as well as the importance to Irish students. Through the quantitative and qualitative methods using surveys and electronic interviews, a detailed look at the impact the programme has on the students and the US seasonal businesses is collected. Based on the findings presented, an awareness will be shown on the importance of the programme to both parties and impact it may or may not have on each subject discussed. Throughout this study, the research discusses the current events occurring with the announcement of reducing the programme, while presenting the background of each important theme to be discussed. It is hoped that this study will inform employers and students the importance of the programme and bring a sense of awareness to those who wish to participate in the future.