Priorities between technical and non technical skills training among nurses in hospital sector in Ireland

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Andrew, Daniel
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Training of employees is very much significant when considering the performance of the organisation. Nursing is a very challenging job and in the health care profession they play a significant role to that of a doctor and they are the first point of contact for the patients. Therefore effectively trained nurses are required to provide quality medical services. The purpose of this research is to find out the training needs of the nurses in Ireland by finding out their preference between the technical skills training and the non technical skills training. It is only by achieving the patient satisfaction and preventing medical errors it can be known that the medical service provided by a hospital is of high quality. The research also tries to identify whether it’s the technical skills training or the non technical skills training which enables them to achieve patient satisfaction and preventing medical errors, thereby enhancing their performance The influence of both the technical skills and the non technical skills on the nurses in the healthcare sector have been discussed in detail through in depth analysis from the literatures and also by interviewing the nurses, employed in hospital sector in Ireland. As a result it has lead to a clear understanding that non technical skills are the core of the nursing profession, however it should also be supported by the technical skills as well which enables in achieving the satisfaction of the patients and prevention of medical errors. It is shown that the hospitals in Ireland are very much influenced by the rapid growth of technology thereby offering more of technical skills training. The nurses interviewed have preferred both the technical and the non technical skills in enabling them to provide quality medical service, indicating the significance of equal balance between both the skills training. Author keywords: Technical, nurses, priorities, skills training