Effectiveness of ethics education for 3rd level business students

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Alzankawi, Abrar
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MSc International Accounting and Finance
Dublin Business School
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This dissertation examines the effectiveness of ethics education for third level business students, examining the importance of ethics education and the most effective methods used in delivering it, and whether the current methods used by educators is achieving the required emphasis on the importance of ethics in business. First reviewing the literature that surround the topic of ethics education, then examine through survey the effectiveness of ethics education and ethics sensitivity with a comparison between business undergraduate students to students in other majors, this survey was given to students of business and other fields both under and post graduated to form a base for comparison to be used in the analysis of the data , a total of four semi-structured interviews also were conducted with three educators and academics and one postgraduate students, this was done to gain in depth expert opinions on the ethics education , The results demonstrated that while business students showed generally the same answers to other students, 69.05% of business students answered yes to question five of the survey, taking a major ethics class, which gave a significant increase to their ethical sensitivity, this would help students in their future roles giving them the confidence to continue their progress regardless of the public view proving that business students are not less ethical than any other students of other majors.