Are Indian Banks Meeting the Expectations of Millennials

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Abbey Cavadapadikal, Allen
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Dublin Business School
The banking business, like many others in the financial services industry, is dealing with a fast-changing market, economic uncertainty, severe competition, new technologies and most importantly, demanding clients. Banking is a client-focused service industry and due to intense competition, customer satisfaction has become the most crucial part of any banking organization. Banks are more focused on retaining existing clients by providing high-quality services that result in customer satisfaction. As conventional banking gave way to modern banking, the notions and factors of client happiness evolved dramatically. The key highlight of the research would be to deeply research if Indian Banks are meeting the needs of Millennials. For this, statistical analysis was based on 85 participants who projected that online banking, service calibre, trust & security were key factors of banking experience. Consequently, this research paper can be employed by banks with a view to improve their relationship with their largest customer base- Millennials.