What effect has technology integration in Irish libraries had on the public librarian's skillset?

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Kenny, Niall
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MSc Information and Library Management
Dublin Business School
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Public libraries across Ireland have been integrating technology into their service in recent years. This research aims to examine how the public librarian’s skillset has shifted in response to this integration. A mixed methods approach was used consisting of a survey and interviews with librarians in the Irish library service. Data indicated that some degree of technological skill is needed to fulfil the duties of a modern public librarian. Research revealed that delivering a public library service is a collaborative effort, and thus technology skills will vary among staff. Data indicated that technology has resulted in a higher degree of specialisation among librarians’ skillsets when compared to the “traditional” library services of the past. These findings concur with existing literature which suggests that the ongoing integration of technology in libraries is adding a new dimension to the field, and librarians will need to adapt accordingly as this trend continues.