The importance of the strategic recruitment and selection process on meeting an organisations objectives

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Argue, Mary
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MA of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
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The aim of this dissertation is to highlight the importance of the strategic recruitment and selection process on meeting an organisations objectives’. Strategic human resource management (SHRM) has become a major aspect of the business world in the 21st century. More and more organisations are focusing attention on their human resources as they are seen as the main components in sustaining competitive advantage. Recruiting and selecting the right employees to do this is another feature, which is complex and stands out on its own. Today, SHRM is considered as a key framework for aligning the people of the organisation to the business objectives. Furthermore, in today’s modernized organisations, having strategic human resource management is seen as a major contribution to sustaining competitive advantage. Nowadays, most large organisations have a Human Resource department, some which are internal and some which are external, either way, this department has a lot to contribute. Some of the processes include training and development, performance management, corporate image, payroll and employee satisfaction. These are all aspects that contribute to the overall performance of a business. However, recruitment and selection can be highlighted as a major feature of strategic human resource management, as it is the people who are employed who ensure the organisation can target its objectives. This dissertation focuses on the importance of the strategic recruitment and selection processes on meeting an organisations objectives’. It is essential that the right people be employed for the right job in order for a business to grow and achieve its objectives. Furthermore, recruitment and selection is becoming more and more prevalent as organisations are becoming more aware of the need for it in order to target objectives as well as endorse competitive advantage. This dissertation is aimed at the management of larger organisations. It demonstrates the need to spend sufficient time and money on the recruitment and selection process and how important it is as it can make a huge impact on organisations objectives’.