Perceptions of same-sex marriage in Irish society in 2011

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Duffy, Gavin
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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This project sought to collate an understanding of people from a particular sample at this point in time in Irish society on same sex marriage. The data was gathered using semi structured in depth interviews. The report sought to understand how peoples backgrounds, lifestyle and experiences feed into their perceptions of same sex marriage and marriage in general. This report finds that the value placed on marriage in Irish society, personally and legislatively, is a major stumbling block in moving the debate on same sex marriage forward. While it is perceived that we are more open as a society, it is apparent there are areas we need to change. The results show that although most think same sex marriage should be legalized, a realignment of the debate needs to look at the excessive value given to marriage over all other domestic arrangements. The clearly defined family structure is Irish society needs to be changed to embrace the many different domestic relationships represented in Irish society. The report found children of same sex couples should be provided with the appropriate environment and supports to develop, both at home and in the education system. Irish society needs to be representative of its diverse cultures, sexualities and domestic arrangements and should be aiming for an open and embracing population and legislative structure. Author keywords: Homosexuality, religion, equality, same sex marriage