Exploring determinants of consumer trust in brands' sustainability claims

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Roberson, Jared
Issue Date
Master of Business Administration
Dublin Business School
The aim of this study is to synthesise research of green marketing practices of sustainable brands, trust as a concept, and theoretical frameworks used to assess the influencing of consumer decision making as a purchasing decision. The research was conducted in a qualitative framework with participants engaging in semi-structured interviews. Reflective Thematic Analysis was used for data analysis. Themes arose related to the idea of both trust builders and trust barriers for a consumer in a brand’s sustainable claims. Brand transparency, brand relationship with consumer, and brand track record emerged as trust building influences, while brand negativity and brand incomplete efforts emerged as negative influences on consumer trust. To positively influence trust in their sustainable claims, brands should approach sustainable initiatives with all facets of the brand, participate in transparent communications about their processes and ensure a positive track record of success in achieving their claim.