Emotional intelligence in couple relationships. A study of couple's relationships, as attachment relationships and its effect on emotional intelligence and emotional regulation

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Prendiville, Deirdre
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BA (Hons) Counselling and Psychotherapy
Dublin Business School
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This study examined couple relationships, as attachment relationships and how one's attachment style as gathered from self-report measure, Experience in Close Relationships scale (Brennan et al, 1998) affects one's emotional intelligence and emotional regulation. Emotional intelligence and emotional regulation was measured using the Trait Meta Mood scale (Salovey et al, 1995) and the Difficulties in emotion regulation (Gratz et al, 2004) respectively. 10 couples were used for the study and the results were viewed and analysed together. The TMMS and the DERS were associated for converge and construct validity. Both scales were also compared with the ECR scale to assess the relationship between the three. The results drew out that the TMMS and the DERS call be used together. The results also showed that there was a correlation between the three variables. The study therefore looks at why there could be a link between attachment style and emotional functioning.