Influence of music on consumers aged from 20 to 35 in clothing stores in France

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Borromini, Emma
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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In an increasingly competitive world, brands have to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors in order to continue to attract consumers and, above all, to build consumer loyalty. Music is omnipresent in daily life; it surrounds us every day wherever it is and influences us as people but also as consumers. This is how music has become an important marketing lever today and continues to develop over the years. The existing literature does not yet seem to have taken the full measure that its use can have for brands, especially since its techniques of use are constantly evolving. This is why the goal of this study is to bring a fresh look at previous research and to investigate in greater depth the influence of music on consumers in clothing stores. The methodology for this includes a quantitative questionnaire on French people between 20 and 35 years old in order to examine whether correlations emerge between the music played in stores, the consumers' behavior, their lived experience, and their perception of the store. The key findings of this research are that music has a very strong influence on salespeople who play a major role in the overall consumer experience. This is how music can, through the salesperson, have both a damaging and profitable effect on the consumer. This research also highlighted correlations between a musical playlist in store adapted to the target and the image of the store and the consumer's buying behavior and perception of the store.