Convergence - and the business of television distribution

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Kelly, Hughie
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BA (Hons) Media and Marketing Studies
Dublin Business School
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Over the last decade the television industry has changed at a phenomenal rate. The reason for this change has been the introduction of new information technologies and the convergence of the television, telecommunications and computer industries. This study will attempt to examine the effects of this new converged environment on the business practices of television distributors. As changes within the industry have happened at such a rapid rate, it is hoped that this study will help highlight exactly what elements of a typical distributors business have had to change due to convergence. It will also enable distributors to see where to change their business models and practices in order to address these changes, and discuss strategies a small distributor should be employing in order to succeed in the digital age. In order to help explain the effects of convergence on the television distribution industry, Network Ireland Television will be used as a case study, representative of small independent television distribution companies in general. By using NITV as a practical example, it is hoped to make this research project more relevant to similar distribution companies engaged in the similar activities.