An investigation of e-HRM and erecruitment in HPSUs in Ireland (Recommendations for best practice)

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Bermingham, Carrie
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MBA in Human Resource Management
Dublin Business School
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Extensive research has been undertaken regarding e-HRM, yet a significant gap remained in the literature in regards to e-HRM and its impact on High Potential Start Ups (HPSUs). This research addresses the gap, investigating the impact that e-HRM has on HPSUs in Ireland, with a specific emphasis on e-recruitment. Primary data was collected through six qualitative in-depth interviews with founders of HPSUs located around Ireland; assessing the major HR challenges associated with the recruitment process in HPSUs. The findings substantiate and add to the current literature, identifying the challenges as a need for flexibility, cost effectiveness, a lack of personnel to meet candidates for new roles and a lack of finances and resources. The data establishes that HPSUs are not fully utilising e-HRM as best practice in recruitment processes; and they are not using it to its full potential in regards to aligning recruitment practices with business strategy which can aid with cost and time savings. Therefore, the author has proposed a framework for best practice for e-recruitment in HPSUs. The study also demonstrates how e-HRM adds value to the growth of a HPSU, enabling it to scale up. However, it finds that there is a gap concerning how HPSUs will scale up from their current size; hence, the the study finds that the implementation of e-HRM in their recruitment processes should be their next step.