Exploring relationships between alcohol consumption, extraversion and general health across male and female college students

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Redmond, Annette
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The current study was designed to examine the association between consumption of alcohol, extraversion and general health scores among male and female college students. The participants consisted of (N = 101, female 55, male 46) students from a Dublin college convenience sample. The experiment employed an unrelated 2 part repeated measures design and a 1 part correlational design. The DV's were extraversion, general health and consumption of alcohol. The IV was gender. The participants responded to a set of questionnaires which included the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ-RS), General Health Questionnaire (GHQ12) and three questions from the Alcohol use disorder inventory test (AUDIT) relating to consumption of alcohol. A Mann Whitney u found no significant difference in scores extraversion scores between males and females (z = -.1.393, p >.05, 2 tailed), or between general health scores between males and females (z = -1.211, p >.05, 2 tailed), or between alcohol consumption scores between males and females (z = -1.043, p > .05, 2 tailed). Kendall's Tau_b indicated a weak positive association between extraversion and consumption of alcohol (tau_b = .017, p < 0.05, 2-tailed) and indicated a weak negative correlation between general health and extraversion (tau_b = -.011, p < 0.05, 2-tailed). Discussions in relation to behavioural strategies and interventions are also discussed for future consideration.