Social mdia selfies : exploring relationships between gender, narcissism, self-esteem, body Image and problematic Internet use

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Hingerton, Hannah
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
The aim of the study was to investigate a relationship between the number of selfies posted on social networking sites and narcissism, self-esteem, body image and problematic Internet usage in gender. Participants consisted of 82 undergraduate students, (29 males and 53 females) by way of convenience sampling. Using a Quantitative design, each participant completed a questionnaire containing the Narcissistic Personality Invetory-16, Rosenburg’s Self Esteem Scale, Body Esteem Scale and Online Cognition Scale. The analyses showed that the number of selfies posted online (per week) had no significant relationship between narcissism, self-esteem, body image and problematic Internet usage. Analyses also showed that there was no significant difference between gender and these variables. Suggestions for limitations, implications and further research directions were discussed. Author keywords: Social media, social networking sites, selfies, gender, body esteem, narcissism, self esteem, problematic Internet use