Smart car hacking: a threat to the rising automotive industry

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Nair, Vinay Unnikrishnan
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MSc in Information Systems with Computing
Dublin Business School
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The purpose of this research paper is to highlight the importance of cybersecurity in modern automobiles, by focusing on the various methods and techniques used by malicious actors to hack and steal automobiles. With the increasing use of technology in automobiles, new avenues for potential security breaches have opened up, necessitating the examination of most impactful automotive vulnerabilities. The focus of this study is on the controller area network (CAN) bus architecture, a key component of modern vehicles that allows communication between different electronic control units (ECUs). By comprehensively studying the intricacies of CAN bus, we aim to identify potential weak points and propose effective countermeasures. Using an analysis of existing hacking incidents and cybersecurity challenges in the automotive industry, this paper emphasizes the urgency for auto manufacturers to develop and maintain secure vehicular information systems.