Socio-economic status : its affects across perceived social support, self-esteem and parental locus of control

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Finn, Alan
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This article examines the extent to which there is a difference between two socio-economic groups across a number of variables. Fifty participants were studied, 25 from a low socio economic group and 25 from a higher socio economic group. 3 questionnaires were filled in by all participants, they were, Rosenberg’s Self Esteem Scale, Parental Locus of Control Scale and Perceived Social Support Scale. There was a statistically significant difference between higher and lower socio economic groups on the combined dependent variables: F(3,40) = 5.135,p = .004; Wilks' Lambda = .72; partial eta squared = .278. These findings underscore the need for further research to identify the complexities of this under reported aspect of society.