EV Charging Slot Availability Prediction

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Chavan, Heena
Issue Date
MSc in Business Analytics
Dublin Business School
EV’s are increasing at a very fast rate all around the world and just like petrol pump there is a need for electric travel charging station. The study suggest EV charging slot prediction with the help of machine learning model to predict the charging behavior of electric vehicles. Our study shows the availability of charging station which can help in the optimization of charging for various vehicles and solve problem like optimal charging time, minimum charging cost, optimal duration to charge the vehicle. Machine learning algorithms and data mining techniques are used on a live data set. Study shows the use data imbalanced algorithm SMOTE and with a lot of data cleaning the study shows that KNN model was able to predict the slot availability with maximum accuracy. The models are evaluated on various metrics and KNN shows maximum values in Accuracy, Precison, Recalll and F1-score.