Storytelling in Augmented Reality: Challenges And Possibilities For Immersive Digital Marketing

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Lemos, Jéssica
Issue Date
MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics
Dublin Business School
In Marketing, storytelling is the ability to convey content through a well-crafted plot and engaging narrative. As a marketing strategy, storytelling works under the assumption that people retain information more effectively when it is conveyed in the form of a narrative, rather than a mere list of facts. Augmented Reality (AR) disrupts narrative perspectives, shifting stories from third-person to first-person experiences. In this context, this mixed-method research investigates optimal AR storytelling practices in this technology’s evolving landscape. It delves into how AR attributes can enrich narratives, delivering engaging, memorable user experiences. Interviews with AR experts unravel effective AR Storytelling, while a consumer survey gathered opinions on AR storytelling. Results underline the significance of user context and participation, shaping successful experiences. Efficient immersive Digital Marketing involves structured audience targeting and consistent performance evaluation via engagement metrics. In this evolving landscape, further research is necessary regarding the domain of ubiquitous AR.