Conform to media norms: the relationship between sociocultural pressures and body image

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O'Loughlin, Kelly
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BA (Hons) in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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This study examined the underlying factors contribute to body dissatisfaction. The issue surrounding body dissatisfaction is an increasing problem in Western culture, as the mass media is still promoting thin ideal body image. The aim of the research was to investigate whether mass media had a direct influence on body-esteem, body dissatisfaction and the participants perceptual gap. A Quantitative analysis was the chosen method. The sample consisted of self report surveys of 95 participants. The analysis revealed that sociocultural pressures were a key factor in body dissatisfaction and that body esteem was closely related to the perceptual gap, these results were consistent across gender. However mean scores show that females have a higher body dissatisfaction than males. Author keywords: body image, body dissatisfaction, body esteem, sociocultural pressures, media.