Peer pressure and alcohol consumption compared between women in their twenties and older women

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Mulcahy, Cara
Issue Date
BA (Hons) in Social Science
Dublin Business School
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This research develops on the area of alcohol consumption in women and whether women in twenties actually consume larger amounts of alcohol than older women. The women who partook in this research where aged from twenty to sixty-seven and where split into two age groups in order to analyse the data, the first group of women were aged between twenty and twenty-nine the second group consisted of women aged from thirty years and above. The research on alcohol consumption consisted of questions from how often these women drink and how much alcohol they consume to question on whether they had ever felt any feelings of guilt or remorse after consuming alcohol to whether they had ever been injured or injured someone else due to their drinking habits. The results of the research show that younger women are more likely to consume more alcohol than older women and consume it more often also. Younger women also appear to sustain an injury or inflict an injury due to their drinking habits. The research also developed on the area of peer pressure in adult life and whether grown women are still effect by the pressure to do as their peers wish them to. Author keywords: Alcohol, consumption, peer pressure, young, old, women