Impact of fintech on Irish wealth management industry

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Varghese, Johnson
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MBA in Finance
Dublin Business School
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Financial world has been undergoing a rapid change due to innovations in technology and nearly all aspects of it, now has a new look and feel. This revolution in financial industry due to technology is popularly known as FinTech. FinTech, even though it’s not a new phenomenon, has been in the headlights this last decade for disruption of financial services. While the “FinTech” effect has been felt across all the financial services but in the wealth management industry it is fairly nascent as compared to other domains of financial services. Wealth Tech as FinTech in wealth management is referred to has been an interesting avenue of development and innovation. This research will delve deeper into the innovations brought in wealth management by FinTech and will explore the state of Irish wealth management industry and its evolution and explore its future trajectory. The dissertation aims to gain meaningful insights into the Irish wealth management industry and study the changes in the industry in terms of technology and any changes in it its practises. The secondary research will cover all the latest literature available in this topical field by its leading practitioners and researchers. The primary research is done through qualitative method of interviews. Five such interviews with industry practitioners, fintech innovators, to regulatory experts provide a comprehensive look at the FinTech’s foray into the wealth management industry specifically in Ireland and the state of the Irish industry as a whole.