An investigation into the psychological and demographic factors influencing suicidal ideation among undergraduate students

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Byrne, Brian
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BA in Psychology
Dublin Business School
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The present situation in Ireland with regard to suicide is a grave one. Over the last two decades contemporary Ireland has seen increases in economic prosperity, employment and indeed populous. However, coupled with these is the escalating number of lives lost to suicide. As members of this society we need to address this social malady by identifying the potential causes of suicide through an investigation of the psychological and demographic factors that result in its genesis. The aim of this present study was to study suicidal ideation in undergraduate students by examining their age, gender, levels of alcohol abuse, stress, self-esteem, religiosity, self-esteem, religiosity and satisfaction with life, health value. A survey of 52 respondents, aged between 19 and 32 years, focused on the above mentioned predictor variables of suicidal ideation. Using a multiple regression analysis and ANOVA tests, one statistically significant result was found, where age was identified as a significant predictor of suicidal ideation. In relation to past research, the findings of this study were compared to the previous literature in order to demonstrate the risk factors behind suicidal ideation.