Purchase of organic products in discount supermarkets in Dublin

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Tai, Pui Yee
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MSc in Marketing
Dublin Business School
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Ireland sees the greatest growth of organic market in Europe with a positive future outlook. At the same time, the growth of discounter supermarkets in Ireland is crowned the top among multiple western countries with a growing market share, greatly altering the consumers’ shopping habits in the country. Therefore, this research is concerned with ‘’Purchase of Organic Products in Discount Supermarkets in Dublin’’. It aims to find out the factors that drive Irish consumers’ purchase of organics products in discounters. This finding is conductive to their ambitious business goals. Based on this main research question, two main focuses – commercial and environmental areas – form the sub-research questions as well as running through the entire research. This research is conducted in Ireland by quantitative method and using questionnaire for data collection. The sample size consists of 101 respondents who are above 18 years old. The findings are analysed by using Microsoft Excel. The result shows the five features of discounters contribute positively to purchasing organic products in discount supermarkets. They are their price, brands / products, product diversity, shopping environment and shop location. Last but not least, recommendations are made in the end of the research to provide incisive directions to the retailers.