The female role in the horror genre

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Murphy, Lauren
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BA (Hons) in Film, Literature and Drama
Dublin Business School
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The female role in the horror genre is something that can be explored throughout the years. With the emergence of a new kind of female heroine since the 1970s and even 1980s, the role of the feminine within the horror genre that we have come to know and somewhat love has gotten bigger along the way. The Final Girl has become something that we are used to seeing in horror films, especially in the slasher and serial killer sub-genre of the horror genre itself. There are famous iconic women who have inspired strength in many feminists throughout the years, with characters such as Nancy Thompson, Ellen Ripley and Laurie Strode coming to mind once the words 'feminist horror film' are uttered. Modern horror has become something of a woman's game, with female directors and writers becoming far more prominent in the film industry, and with remakes using female actors in the role of the usual male actors, it is apparent that the role of the female in the horror genre is something that deserves a closer look.