Value enhancement through mergers and acquisitions. An empirical study from a mobile company in Nepal

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Shrestha, Nirajan
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MSc International Banking and Finance
Dublin Business School
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The globalisation and the desire for growth has become a major reason for the Merger and acquisition. To meet the growing demand of growth and the sharing of knowledge based resources has become a significant element in Mergers and Acquisitions. Sustainability and performance enhancement has become a major objective when two or more companies enter into the activity of merger and acquisition. There is a growing trend of merger and acquisition because as an individual entity the ability to reach the global audience is limited because of limited resources and knowledge of organic growth. Mergers and acquisition enables to create synergy among the respective organisation as the value and knowledge is shared after the coalition. The research here is based on the value enhancement through Mergers and acquisitions from an empirical study on a mobile company in Nepal. The country has merely experienced a handful of merger and acquisition activity but has never experienced a high scale cross-border acquisition process before this. Merger and acquisition is not a familiar aspect for the country and thus every effort has been done so as to make the research process a simple but an effective one. The research aims to give an employee’s perspective on the mergers and acquisition and the benefits it creates in the long run. The research is based upon the study of various aspects of performance enhancement, synergy creation through mergers and acquisition and a research is conducted so as to compare the findings with the literature. The results of the research are quite fascinating and solid when comparing with the reviewed literature. For the basis of comprehensive research, hypothesis testing have been conducted and aimed to fulfil the research objectives. The research aims to show the experience of the employees from the merger and acquisition process and also the opportunities it creates such as employee share ownership scheme and other financial rewards as well as career benefitting opportunities. Through the analysis of the data, it is understandable that the organisation is managing well with the transition from being an individual organisation to being acquired by a multinational and has adhered the basic rules of pleasing the employees as well as enhancing the performance of the overall organisation.